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“You know that ‘lucky’ garment that’s guaranteed to bring in the compliments? Many of those I’ve owned over the years boast the MADSPIN logo. Whether it’s a favourite festival dress that’s stylish enough to guarantee entry to the after-party or a t-shirt with an exclusive print that draws stares and then kicks off conversations, every MADSPIN garment I own is attached to treasured memories.” – Bryget Chrisfield (Contributing Editor, Inpress/Street Press Australia)

Fresh Clothing/Custom: MADSPIN – Street Wear

September 13, 2009 in Custom, Design, Fresh Clothing | Tags: Australian Made, Clothing, Custom, Design, Fresh Clothing, Madspin, Melbourne

“Madspin is a Melbourne-based streetwear clothing label. I recently visited their store in Prahran and purchased a custom made Madspin hoodie. The range of clothing does have a Japanese streetwear feel but it is fresh in its own take on the style. The clothing is made in Australia from Australian materials and as the label says ‘Made with Love in Melbourne Australia’.  They have men’s and women’s clothing, hats and accessories, ‘All Australian made and brainwaved’. We were even lucky enough to be served by Madeleine Spinos herself (can’t see were ‘Madspin’ came from).

Madspin is ultimately trying something new and it really does work. Not only is the clothing unique, they use Australian materials and produce the clothing locally, which means it’s helping the Australian economy and really is making a difference. So what are you waiting for?”

Ps. They also have a sale on selected items at the moment!

Check out the latest range of Madspin clothing at:


Going back to school as a mature age student wasn’t easy.  I ran a small business and at the same time I knew that I wanted to pursue my dream to work as a designer for a fashion brand. 

My dedication to my chosen vocation saw me complete a Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology and awarded Outstanding Student.


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