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Don’t blame it on the Sunshine

31 Jan

He just can’t control himself, documenting the things he sees.

Then there was light…

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… Seriously, how many puns can we take from that name?!

Dean set out on a project true to his form and style from go to woe.   With great passion, determination and love for the subject of Melbourne street art,

he brings together a collection of images that were, as Dean writes

“…personally shot in awe and respect of the great work these artists produced”

and his photos DO them not only justice, but also educate visually the minds of others who share similar love for the art of graffiti.

Many times we would share stories about this “graffa” and that “new piece up around the back street of…” and “Come check out the piece in my alley-way”, that’s how we became BF’s, our shared love for the art and its artists.






Book launch left me with an ABSOLUTely stunning hangover and my latest personally signed coffee-table book.

Anyone who knows my coffee table, knows my stunning books!

Dean you rock BF

madspin xxx

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Someone SNEAKED in…

27 Nov

Did someone paint the town blue last night… Adidas Original Blue

The boys at SNEAKER upped the ante and painted the day Adidas.

We were there early as expected and unexpectedly had our space reserved for us, big thumbs up for the long standing stall holders!  Thanks for looking after us Hanz

Early was the word and the theme was “First in best dressed”, the punters could have been mistaken for stall holders, we were all still setting up!

Glen out witted the Adidas crew with his classic Originals and Moi kept it fresh for the chicki babes and our regulars to the stand.  Thanks for visiting again, big MADSPIN love!

We were all kept refreshed by the lovely people at Adidas with DJ’s, free drinks and some beer from 1pm to keep the vibe going, or should I say “staying”!

The crew at SNEAKER did another sweet sweet meet!

And as always there is a signature to be signed!