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love Alice

1 Jun

I was thinking it was time my princess made an appearance on madspinbaby.

Her name is Alyki, Alice in English.  She is named after my favourite Greek actress from the 1950’s who was known for her sexpot image and comedic roles.  And how funny is my Alyki!

A mixed bag,  German Sheppard / Labrador that EVERYONE swears is a Ridgeback, with the prettiest face in the park!  We all think that of our own.

The smartest dog I know… She has a mind of her own and so well behaved.  This came with a relentless energy to train her with all my heart and the results show every time someone comments on how lovely she is.

Cheeky? Yes!  And the cheekiest with me!  Never will you see, half of the attitude she gives me.  They say your kids are your Karma, my dog is mine!

I love her with all my heart, I have never felt lonely for one day.  At times you can even see her smile, pressed lips and a grin from ear-to ear.

“BIG DOG” they say when I walk the block, “SMALL GIRL” I say back… anything next to 5ft 3” looks BIG.  However, BIG she is! At 43KG and an apatite to match, I understand what you see.

Don’t be fooled, it’s no easy feat.  She demands attention and keeps me on my feet.  I welcome our walks come rain or shine, at times too late at night my mind she keeps tight.

That look that has coined “those puppy dog eyes”, she has played that actress many times.

Who is Alice?

This is Alice

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