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BMX’n with ma mate

3 Feb

Got dressed in my winters & on target Melbourne produced a deceptively warm day. Popped over to ma’ mate Pete’s place

cause I’m in the areas

& need to pick up a bump cover for the new iPhone, didn’t realise how slippery the little sucker is! Pete (PK) is a 40 year old who looks not a day older than 25 or should I say acts like that? Has a collection of BMXs that he restored to their original delight. I still don’t agree on the hard plastic seats, my arse is still sore, however, he insists on it being true to its day. PK suggests we take the bikes out. I’m quick to sort out some short sleeves for myself, by this stage Melbourne’s supposed cold day is beaming a sunshine smile. Pick out PK’s classic white RUN DMC Tee, that to my luck doesn’t fit him anymore & donates it to me. Ecstatic that finally after 34 years I now own one, we set out thrashing the streets of East St Kilda to South Yarra & back. Like a pair of bandits on the run, yet not so undercover, unknowingly we demand head turns after turns from the peeps. Took a pic for keeps…