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Someone SNEAKED in…

27 Nov

Did someone paint the town blue last night… Adidas Original Blue

The boys at SNEAKER upped the ante and painted the day Adidas.

We were there early as expected and unexpectedly had our space reserved for us, big thumbs up for the long standing stall holders!  Thanks for looking after us Hanz

Early was the word and the theme was “First in best dressed”, the punters could have been mistaken for stall holders, we were all still setting up!

Glen out witted the Adidas crew with his classic Originals and Moi kept it fresh for the chicki babes and our regulars to the stand.  Thanks for visiting again, big MADSPIN love!

We were all kept refreshed by the lovely people at Adidas with DJ’s, free drinks and some beer from 1pm to keep the vibe going, or should I say “staying”!

The crew at SNEAKER did another sweet sweet meet!

And as always there is a signature to be signed!



Tangerine Dream

25 Aug

Check this restoration by my mate Kid Paris… Who would have thought it could scrub up so sweet.  Tastes like tang!

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Carbon Sneaker

10 May

We always enjoy a bump and grind with the crew at Sneaker  It was a pearla of a day with much LOVE from all the usual suspects.

The second year now to be a part of the Carbon Festival, Sneaker Freaker put on a show for all the avid collectors, while Carbon presented some of the freshest minds around together they inspired your tastes with what it takes to breath creative culture.  Love your work Acclaim Magazine!

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10 May
kid paris

Did someone paint my lane…

Take your money from the Bank…

The locals were in a stir, got the landlord (my lovely Greek mother)

on the phone to make sure she had approved the piece, of course she knew nothing about it.

MADSPIN say’s its OK, “I’ve even got a letter typed up with the company stamp saying I can”.

In the end its ART… Thanks P! Much LOVE x

I LOVE adidas

17 Apr

A little sumthin sumthin’ I put together and dedicate to my beloved lifestyle brand adidas originals.  Light me up baby…

madspin has homework to do…

14 Aug

The subject is Textile Clothing & Footwear (TCF) Supply Chains and the project heading “Globalisation in the Apparel Industry and its effects on the Australian market”  Well my family’s life in the “Rag Trade” now spans 50 years and six years ago I chose to follow in their footsteps.  My parents think I am crazy to love this trade but it’s in my blood and it has become my passion.  This movie tells you a story of where my passion stems from and my journey so far.  I am still at the beginning of my roller-coaster ride and my dream of designing for a street/surf wear brand & collaborating with other amazing designers  will be my ultimate achievement and dream come true.  I love streetwear, street style funky ass’ clothing that people always seem to want to know “where did you got that from?”  I express this in all my creations with extra doses of fun, love & cheekiness.  Enjoy! Love Life, Love Lots, Love madspin.  Hey! let me know what you think xxx

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snapped in MADSPIN

14 Aug

‘Project 5 Live Art’ at Cockle Bay, Sydney

Triple S –  Sweet, Sexy, Street art.  Her artwork is instantly recognisable in and around the streets of Melbourne.  A meshing of art and graffiti with a global message.  Her work is fun with an obvious fascination of humans and different creatures.  While painting in Sydney recently, Deb was snapped wearing some fresh MADSPIN threads.  Ha Ha we love you too DEB!

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