The evolution of DJ MadSpin Baby

28 Jan

The evolution of DJ MadSpin Baby
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Madeleine (Maddy) Spinos has always been hooked on electronic music. Attending her first warehouse party in 1994 cemented a life-long love affair of the genre for the Melbourne native.

Several years on, Maddy is now a National Course Advisor based at SAE headquarters in Byron Bay, a role in which she instantly thrived.

With electronic music still the soundtrack to her beach-side lifestyle, Maddy chanced upon four life-affirming questions:

1. Am I happy?

2. Am I grateful?

3. Do I like my job?

4. Do I feel good?

5. Do I spend enough time on my education?

Answering ‘no’ to the last question inspired her to revisit a lifelong ambition and Maddy decided to take the leap. It was at this moment the alter-ego DJ MadSpin Baby was born.

“I’ve talked about it for a while, and these four simple questions spurred me into action. I’ve always wanted to be a DJ, and to play the soundtrack of my life at my 40th birthday party!” says Maddy.

As she explored her return to study options, mentor and friend Johann Dreyer, music producer and SAE Adelaide Campus Manager, encouraged Maddy to consider music production. Maddy decided to enrol in the Certificate III Music Industry (Electronic Music Production) at SAE Byron Bay to develop a deeper understanding of sound and how to manipulate it. Learning the terminology and skills of the trade enabled her to put a personal flair to her mixing and to create a unique set.

For Maddy, the decision to undertake the Certificate III was one well made. “You can produce your own beats, upload to a streaming service and in an instant, the world is hearing your music – how amazing is that!”

The program has given Maddy the expertise required to use Ableton and each class ensures students learn about different components of the software. Feeling confident and comfortable with Ableton compliments her self-taught DJ education.

The program has not only made Maddy a better music producer and DJ, but a better Course Advisor. She has the unique ability to speak to students, as a student.

“I’m passionate about SAE not only as an employee, but as a satisfied student who belongs to the creative community on campus,” say Maddy.

DJ MadSpin Baby made her debut at the SAE National christmas party last year, getting everyone on the dance floor, which lead to her first paid gig.

Maddy says she now uses her free time creatively, productively and passionately to make music. “Undertaking the course has changed my life in ways I could only hope for; I wish I didn’t wait so long to take the leap.”

SAE Byron Bay offers Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor programs in Audio, Film, Design, Animation and Games. If you are interested to learn more about the programs on offer, or the facilities on campus, book a personalised tour of the Byron Bay campus today by calling 1800 723 338 or by visiting

Listen to Maddy’s tracks here.



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