Yummy Yummy Yummy, Chez Dré in my Tummy

26 Aug

Chez Dré is a patisserie/boulangerie/café located in South Melbourne. It has been the talk of the town for breakfast and I’m not one to move around too much from my stomping ground in Collingwood because it is also filled with top 10’s.  Saturday morning sleep-in’s followed by breaking that fast are a ritual.  My parents live on the other side of town and it made perfect sense to visit the talk of that side of town.  My father is 83 & my mother a sweet 75 and both you would think were at least 10 years younger. They are cool cats that love nothing more than me keeping them up to date with the town that talks.  Chez it is and we went down for a squiz…

You learn to be patient and wait when you visit one of these establishments and it was this same pep-talk I gave to my parents as we waited 25 minutes for our seating.  Our gaze was affixed on the sweetest glass display and the sweetest thing was the tasting tray, an excellent way to wait.  We were seated exactly 25mins later and quick to order from a pre-studied menu.  My father orders the Grand petite dejeuner, from the small amount of french I remember learning, means “Brunch” – the most important meal of the day in France.  Like mother, like daughter we both order the Cheese and corn souffle.  Coffee’s of course and a little while later we were served.  Yummy Yummy Yummy, Chez Dré in my Tummy…  I am quick to jump on the phone and tell all my friends that Chez is the shiz!





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