madspin has homework to do…

14 Aug

The subject is Textile Clothing & Footwear (TCF) Supply Chains and the project heading “Globalisation in the Apparel Industry and its effects on the Australian market”  Well my family’s life in the “Rag Trade” now spans 50 years and six years ago I chose to follow in their footsteps.  My parents think I am crazy to love this trade but it’s in my blood and it has become my passion.  This movie tells you a story of where my passion stems from and my journey so far.  I am still at the beginning of my roller-coaster ride and my dream of designing for a street/surf wear brand & collaborating with other amazing designers  will be my ultimate achievement and dream come true.  I love streetwear, street style funky ass’ clothing that people always seem to want to know “where did you got that from?”  I express this in all my creations with extra doses of fun, love & cheekiness.  Enjoy! Love Life, Love Lots, Love madspin.  Hey! let me know what you think xxx

music by

artist: Blue Boy
Title: Remember Me

artist: ACDC
Title: It’s a long way to the top

artist: Blue Amazon
Title: No other love

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