A little somthin’ somethin’ from Kid Paris

13 Jul


Madspin relocated from a small single terrace shop in Greville Street Prahran, to a new larger location in Emma Street, Collingwood. Madspin is a local designer/brand and favours urban style street art culture. The Prahran store had all interior walls covered by local artists Duel, Reach, Phibs and Obe.

This time Madspin asked me to come in and rip it up across three walls with a perspective style piece. I hadn’t done a wrapped piece across walls before so to get the proportion right took some time. The end result gives an illusion that the piece is on one wall rather than wrapping around three.

After a delayed to start (waiting on an electrical contractor to finish!) it worked from 11.30pm to 3am then back in to wrap it up the next day from midday to 3pm. Madspin only had less than 24 hrs to clean, prep and merchandise the store. It was amazing to see a difference the next day!

So, next time you head down to all the Smith Street outlets, be sure to head in to Madspin and check it out. Located at 7 Emma Street Collingwood (directly behind Nike’s Smith Street factory outlet).

If you’re after vintage sportswear garments from the 70s – 90s, then you must check out the collection from http://www.stylereignssupreme.com on a vintage rack in Madspin warehause that is rotated frequently with fresh new stock.

Peace, P.

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